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Christmas 2017

do you want Christmas of your dearest to be truly miraculous?
or want to treat yourself to a unique piece of art?
I’m here playing Santa¬†ūüôā
due to busy travel and event schedule I have very limited spaces left for this year’s painting orders.
planning? send me a line to to discuss your painting commission.

Gift certificates for painting and photography services available 


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Competition time! FREE painting? yes!


Be in chance to win personalised 8 x 10‚Ä≥ (20 x 25cm) painting commission of your horse or dog worth ‚ā¨300
To enter competition you need to:
‚ėÖ Like¬†Ironia Art & Photography
‚ėÖ Like &¬†Share ¬†post on facebook
‚ėÖ Tag two friends in comments
‚ėÖ Sign up to newsletter on¬†

only entries that have done all ‚ėÖ above will qualify for final prize draw

Winner will be selected on 15th of August and will be notified via email and facebook.

please note you have to enter under this photo, not shared posts

Best of luck xxx

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Thornton Park May show PHOTOS

All  photos are  cropped and edited before printed.

Digital copy for  Facebook/Instagram  use  will  be emailed to all printed orders (to email  that is provided with  PayPal

Please  no   screenshots of photos..   guilty will be named and shamed!

if you can’t ¬†find your photo in ¬†the ¬†gallery, please check ¬†if it didn’t slip into other folder. ūüôā

Please note, I’m ¬†out of ¬†office ¬†until ¬†9th of May and ¬†won’t be able to process the orders.

Click slideshow for better view on desktop.

Mini Clear Round

TP mini Clear Round

Clear Round

TP Clear Round

Ethna Snow Memorial Trophy

Ethna Snow Memorial Trophy

Intermediate 75cm

Intermediate 75cm

Mooreside Top Score

Mooreside Top Score

Best Turned Out

Best Turned Out

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Trotting Dream @ Vincennes

dreams come true…
Not every day you are getting invited to the most amazing trotting event at world’s most amazing trotting track..
Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my paintings will be displayed at Hippodrome de Vincennes never mind Prix d’Am√©rique Opodo weekend.. I still have goosebumps and I still can’t believe this all is real..
I would like to thank everyone who helped me in preparation of this exhibition, you know yourselves, you are amazing friends and your support means a lot to me! But most of all I would like to thank Le Trot for this opportunity of a lifetime and especially Emmanuelle Morvillers for kicking me into this dream coming true ūüôā and of course main person who invited me here Mme Marie-France Wissocq ‚̧
see you all in Paris ūüôā <3

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portrait of Rumba

Commissioned portrait Fox Field Rumba 12×12″ (30x30cm) Acrylic on Canvas Fox Field Rumba portrait of elegant Rumba is finished and is already gone to it's loving home ūüôā Please share if you like it xx Posted by Ironia Art & … Continue reading

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Painting coming to life..

watch the video to see how painting is coming to live stroke by stroke layer by layer ūüôā

Rock of Cashel

"Rock of Cashel" or how it came together ūüôā #standardbred #harnessracing #ironiaart #horses

Posted by Ironia Art & Showtime Photography on Sunday, 10 January 2016

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This was very eventful year in many aspects and I must say I’m one lucky girl to be doing the job I love!
In 2015 I returned to advertising, about which I’m very delighted, I took in very limited amount of commissions and am so thankful to all my amazing clients waiting patiently for results!
Multitasking is quite bit of fun! I’m all the time between steering or flying to locations, shooting or editing, writing or calling, brainstorming or creating, painting or counting stars
smile emoticon
and of course my life is simply not imaginable without spending few hours with horses daily
smile emoticon
I have exciting busy life and I have even more exciting plans for next year!

Wishing you all the very best in New 2016 Year!
Your Nadina

NAD_5035 copy

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Hoof Beats Magazine

Irish&UK harness racing on world’s stage
heart emoticon

My copy of Hoof Beats Magazine arrived today with three of my winning pictures in professional category printed
thank you thank you thank you!
I have a plan for 2016 contest
wink emoticon
2015-12-09 09.58

2015-12-09 16.27

2015-12-09 16.28.19

2015-12-09 16.28

Irish&UK harness racing on world's stage <3My copy of Hoof Beats Magazine arrived today with three of my…

Posted by Ironia Art & Showtime Photography on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Back to reality after my annual work trip to Spain, pity I forgot to pack some heat with me because Irish summer is when you need to grab rain jacket before you go out in the sun lol freezing!

I would like to thank every single person who made my trip so wonderful! I simply couldn’t wish for more! <3
In few days I drove over 700km to different locations covering beautiful lands of Andalucia, many times I had to stop and just adore the views..
Thanks to those taking care of my painful self, I’m finally on antibiotics and hopefully feeling better soon (aircons are evil!!)
I have now massive amount of work in the office to do..thousands of photos to sort .. and of course ekhm I am supposed to be painting too ūüôā
I am now resuming normal work here in Ireland, so please don’t’ be shy and book your sessions and paintings on time!
love you all! Besos xxx


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shake it off

shake it off and start a new chapter..
30x40cm (12×16 inches) painting with no caption (any ideas?)

300A9455 copy 300A9458 copy

I have always told my artworks are my feelings but it is hard to express through commissioned work where I’m more concentrating on likeness of the subject .. so today I took a day off everything and sat down with my own thoughts.. at last you can see progress from A-Z as I never really show it..

so.. sketch it..
2015-05-26 21.30 2015-05-26 21.35

























then  paint over  thin layer of backgrounds colour
2015-05-26 22.27.01













then refine  edges of subject, block a little in and  paint more background
looks  messy I know..
2015-05-26 23.15













then  more colours in.. and refine..
2015-05-26 23.28.31

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free stuff.. really?

To whom it may concern..
I always say I love my job and I don’t lie about it..!
I do my best to produce high quality stuff, sitting in all weather conditions waiting for YOUR turn in the my best to get YOU a perfect photo, I know you or not, I still do my best.. I’m spending hours sorting and editing thousands of images after the shows, when you already sitting with legs up in front of the fireplace or saying how tired you are after a long day at the show, riding one horse and now going to bed early..
.. and then… I find stolen images all over facebook.. screenshots and even better photographed off the screen with your phone with comments of your buds how cool you are.. SHAME! I would be extremely embarrassed, putting as a profile picture, which saying, that it has been stolen or it is not a free copy..
..and you know what? FB copy is just a fiver, but there’s no price you can buy intellect for!
Now imagine how it looked if someone walks towards you at the show, takes bridle off your pony and walks away.. just because they want it, . why to pay..? . it must be free.. same with photos.. it is theft guys! pure crime!

Did you steal your horse, your saddle, your car or horsebox? you paid for it.. imagine, I pay for taking pictures of you! Equipment is expensive, insurance is not free, my time is priceless.. every time you steal the image, remember, I also have bills to pay and earn money for better equipment to take best photos of YOU!

Think twice before you steal something!

here’s another story to add.. There are professional photographers and amateurs who do it for fun, but¬† pretending to be a pro.. they¬† are¬† sitting¬† at¬† the event all day, snapping every horse, then sharing their stuff free of charge on facebook, not even thinking they are destroying this market.. everyone is a photographer now.. every girl who gets camera for Xmas is a pro and doing a free stuff, watermarks do not help it..
like yesterday I was invited to do the job.. another bunch there shapping and selling today .. what for? I never turn up and shoot at the events someone is booked for.. I respect other’s time and financial investment….

Huge thanks to all customers, who appreciate hard work of event photographers! we love you and your horses, we are looking after you and wishing you best results!


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amazing world

this world is¬† unique and¬† nature proves it¬† every single day..¬† if we want to see the beauty it’s just here in front of your eyes!

few days ago¬† we witnessed Northern Lights,, I missed them I¬† was dreaming my¬† coloured¬† dreams (people say only schizophrenic people are seeing¬† dreams¬† in colour haha, I don’t mind it lol)

today was¬†¬† solar eclipse,¬† last time it happened¬† I remember all the world was armed with¬† CD’s on their eyes to protect¬† vision,¬† now I thought I’d be just happy¬† if I see some snaps around internet, but finally¬† got sucked in and took a camera even if I was late to see total eclipse and it was quite cloudy here in Ireland. anyways, my¬† Solar Eclispe pictures look like this ūüôā
IMG_5610 copy IMG_5629 copy
for more, click on link below:

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Back to reality :)

I’m back and ready to attack never ending list of ToDo’s! you cannot imagine how much I missed home for just because I love my job!
It was so cool to find unfinished paintings and understand they are quite impressive as they are (surprised myself saying this lol ) can’t wait to get into intense brushing again ūüôā
This was much needed holiday with no Internet (almost), no work, no prone, proper sleep and lots lots lots of sun and fresh air!
Back to reality now and can’t wait to meet my horsey world again<3

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I’m gone!

to my all lovely customers and followers!

I’m on holidays till 16th March!171593_1872027444483_4709818_o

I am away  to get rid of facebooking, computing, helpingoutalltheworldimmediately and other addictions .. not even taking  camera in my hand for a week except  some family selfie:)

please note that all  orders placed between 7th and 15th of March are  going to be processed on 16th March!

wishing you all to miss me a lot <3
love you all!


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it’s something more than lifestyle

we live the life, and things are changing every day, we do things we regret, but there are also things we don’t want to change, things we treasure!
If you asked me now would I sell my life with horses for any price and never see them again…. NO and never!
I loved horses since I first seen them as a child and the more I get to know them the more I love them!
Horses made me to who I am now, they believed in me when nobody did, when I was struggling the most they gave me support, they gave me friends, job, life, and the most important – Freedom! <3
NAD_4499 copy NAD_4544 copy

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competition results

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box of treasures

Diamonds are forever .. and you need a place to store them!
this 4″ wooden box is a little addition to a large painting of Maven

NAD_9545 copy

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Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney memorial weekend!

It has never been so hard to say bye bye to people I met just 3 days ago.. I have never heard so many inspiring sweet words about myself and work I do!
“..never change Nadina, stay the way you are ..” – said Wally Hennessey… I will not.. I don’t want to change .

Wally Hennessey , ME, Heather Vitale, Anthony Butt and lovely Lillian Delaney

Heather Vitale, Roger Huston, Anthony Butt, Wally Hennessey, Steve Wolf – living legends and just wonderful people! All the cream in one cup at our little track at times it didn’t feel I’m in Parmarnock at all.. the whole weekend was unreal! . It finally made me cry as I was leaving the track last night, when will I meet them again? Well. . I hope soon, now I gotta make it the states! Still eyes full of emotions as writing the lines, so nice to know there are your soulmates across the pond

Wally Hennessey.. if he lived in Ireland I would be racing next year :))

Thanks to the Delaney family for this opportunity, thigs I learned and heard in these few days is more than someone can only wish for! This would never happen without your passionate work organising the Weekend in memory of your brother Vincent! He’s proud of you up there ..!

My pleasure!

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X-mas in September

when Xmas is in September .. one very happy little girlie Olivia May received her present from a lovely Team JC Stable spirit Christine.
while ago I’ve painted this little piece of Solovesick and her baby Miss Olivia Mae, the foal is named after a little girl Olivia – a very special little lady, raised by her grandparents at the farm in Kentucky,. Olivia’s heart belongs to the most beautiful creatures – horses and it means the world to me as some of you would know.. there’s nothing
what can stop you to love horses! nothing like tears of happiness!


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time is runnig faster than I plan it!

don’t¬† think I’m¬† lazy guys if not posting here, I’m busy, working days and nights¬† sorting and editing photos for my dear customers,¬† doing some design work and computing things.. ! well it’s pretty hard to go inside and work in pretty dark (othervice I can’t see¬† my screen) while it’s¬† beautiful sunny outside, but has to be done ūüôā next two weeks¬†¬† will be tough as I have big plan to finish¬† most of¬† work I have.. very busy¬† August for me too.. Starting with¬† annual SOCK charity show, then Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Racing Weekend,¬† one or two days of RDS, then one week of teaching photography at¬† Latvian culture summer camp “3X3” for which I¬† have to¬† prepare all materials.. not to mention I have¬† guests
apologies to all who is waiting on their commissions and photoshoots being  finished!  doing my best !

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Latvian Horse days 2014

one of my all time favorite photos is used for this year’s largest Equestrian event: Latvian Horse Days 2014 .. posters, adverts, tickets, programmes etc etc, my photo everywhere
I wish I was there! waiting for photos from advertisers, there are huge posters around the country displayed!
on top of that my Exhibition “Notes of Beauty” is moving to VIP zone of the event from RIX airport business lounge

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annual photo trip

finally dates confirmed! I am going to Dusseldorf and Malaga in June!
landing in D√ľsseldorf on 9th June, departing to Malaga on 13th
I have some free time¬† while¬† there and will be happy to¬† visit you and your horses for some photos and¬† chat ūüôā

Great opportunity to do portraits for  painting commissions!
PM for details:

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Exhitibiton @Riga International Airpot

Exhibition “Notes of Beauty” is now open!
Huge thanks to Young Riders School & Riga International Airport for this opportunity, also many thanks to for taking care of my prints! all looks just fantastic there!

Very international models and even more international owners of horses. pictures are taken in 6 different countries ūüôā¬† thanks to all all owners and their fabulous¬† animals for being you!

Welcome to RIX Airport Business Lounge!

all pictures  from Airport here FACEBOOK

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Sable Matters,story behind the painting

At last I can show this  painting to the world.
Last year while visiting¬† Meadowbranch¬† stud, I’ve spotted one absolutely¬† charismatic horsey face, and it was HIM, wonderful and successful stallion Sable Matters, 1991 (by Matts Scooter and Sable B)

he have been all over the world racing and producing top class racers, he definitely knows he is priceless, as most of  respectable age stallions would know.
at his age of 22  he was full of life enjoying  his retirement  in his own green field and  5* stables in  Meadowbranch.

while ago I¬† have¬† been asked to do a painting of him racing for the leading Irish¬† trainer¬† William Flanagan’s birthday, and of course it meaned to me a lot!
BUT. Sable Matters¬† didn’t race for many many years and¬† his photos and videos of racing are all archived somewhere.. so the search began..

After sending  few emails around the world I have been provided with amazing  photo of him racing in 1995 in  America, thanks to the super helpful people over there, much appreciated!

then  the main task was to paint  different  driver with different colors on. it means different position and whole silhouette.
here my reference pictures are, and the big work began…

I Idid it!

This morning got the message from¬† William’s¬† daughters, telling me¬† that¬† birthday man was speechless¬† receiving his¬† birthday present and¬† I must say it means the world for me as an artist!
Happy Birthday William!


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Never did this before but¬† now I found it so much fun watching my own¬† work from¬† the side.¬†¬† didn’t ‘ notice how many layers¬† it takes to get a real looking¬† animal ūüôā

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Productive 2013

no wonders so many sets of brushes are gone!
in 2013 I did 91(!) painting!
17 of them were commissions, 22 nameplates, and 51 random pieces
all I can say is I love my job and love all my customers, supporters, fans, friends, family and everyone who keeps me going!
BIG thank you to all of you! and wish you  prosperous  healthy new  2014 year!
2013 paintings copy

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Equus Live

it took¬† me¬† few weeks to get ready after¬† quick decision to¬† take part, now it is all behind.¬† my first official¬† trade stand, but¬† success ūüôā
this time was  shared with   Siobhan  and William and their lovely hunting stuff and   super company!
Stand was busy both days, now new commissions¬† flying in which is the best part of¬† it ūüôā

in 3 days I have met so many¬† fantastic people, learned so much stuff and had¬† absolute¬† fun¬† sipping¬† mulled wine with our stand guests ūüôā

since the decision to to this  show I have learned new stuff, I did all framing for the  stand myself yeeey!

thanks to everyone  coming and visiting us there :))
equuslive stand

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Heyaaa everybody, I am leaving today  to have few days off in Malta and will probably have limited access to Internet, so please  be patient waiting for  respond.

all orders placed from today will be  processed  on after 29th of October

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Christmas Commissions!

Time is¬† flying¬† and¬† Christmas time is¬† sooner than it¬† seems to be¬† and¬† my planner says that I am almost fully booked out for this years commissions. I will accept new commissions only til the end of this week Sept 15th (paid deposit is confirmation of booking, photos can be sorted later, as I’m working on other paintings now)

those who already discussed with me¬† their Xmas commissions I count in so don’t panic, but hurry up!

don’t worry¬† if you are late, I am sure someone who you want to get painting done for will be¬† more than happy to get their X-mass present a bit later ūüėČ

PS. each painting takes me different amount of hours to finish, so it means my planning is approximate. it means that if you book in, there is chance your painting will be done earlier ūüėČ
please have a look on more info how to make commission for  prices, sizes  and sample work

day 074a

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There is always story behind :)

I never do paintings randomly, my arts are my feelings and nothing more.. glad my feelings¬† bringing me some income too ūüôā

in 2009 in  famous Latvian stud farm Burtnieki, where  Olympic Dressage  horse Rusty was born, we had photographic workshop with  super great team of camerafriends.
I took a picture of little foal and put that picture in¬† folder of ToDo something later (I have many gigs of this kind of material ūüôā
now 4 years later I open that folder and¬† straight away I knew this is what I’m¬† going to paint today ūüôā
I did, and in 30 minutes after finished painting’s photo was published it was sold to¬† my greatest¬† customer friend and collector Christine in America ūüôā

I called it¬† Amber Afternoon as¬† amber is very Latvian stone, but also horses eyes sometimes are like real amber ūüôā

Interesting what that¬† cute¬† chestnut baby¬† (I believe it’s real beauty now) would think about it ? ūüôā
day 071

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Back to Easel!

I did I did I did it!!!! first survived painting in 2 months! ūüôā

as some of you might¬† have noticed I didn’t paint for almost all summer, I did few sketches alright but it was and still not easy to concentrate on creative stuff, there is¬† one serious¬† reason for it connected to my past¬† spinal and brain injuries … terrific migraines and back pain are following me day by day.. I am a bit colorblind due to it and this is one of the reasons I didn’t take brushes for so long.. well… I did but all was in bin in minutes.. and I gave up for while..
being and artist and having problems with¬† vision is not¬† big fun.. maybe I become famous one day and my special seeing will to it’s job lol
Also this summer is very busy with shows, trips, guests and at last this was first summer in 4 years since I live in Ireland so I had to enjoy it too!

now huge amount of work is sitting and waiting for me and I will do my best not to give up with painting!!
paintings to do:

  1. 20×16 commission¬†Liding Light (almost¬† finished)
  2. 20×16 commission Airisa & Ravels (half done)
  3. 20×16 commission¬† Regina Rapida
  4. 20×16 commission black pacer Sarah
  5. 12×16 commission Dutch customer
  6. 10×14 commission/ will do it as a part of challenge – Dutch customer
  7. 12×16 commission doggy for Lisa
  8. 27×20 inches project with¬† Jennifer O’Sullivan
    3 or 4 nameplates..

as one of the upcoming commissions is black black beauty I had to do some exercise
8×10 inches “Gipsy Cob”
70/100 lol I know my challenge is neverending!
day 070

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Holland trip 12-19th August

Greeting from the Netherlands ūüôā

I will be back in Ireland 19th August, so all printed and digital orders as well as paintwork will hopefully resume¬† on 20th Aug ūüôā


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The Doorway Gallery.. I’m in!

wind of changes and life is going up ūüôā
Ironia Art now will be represented by The Doorway Gallery
Yippeee! It feels like I’m doing something right, as this invitation was a little unexpected for me, thanks to my fans spreading the word! 10 paintings now gone to the framers and soon will be displayed at the gallery.

the other thing is that my prices will also grow pretty soon! so if you are thinking to make a commission, you have chance to get if for old price til the end of this month (of course securing it with deposit)
more info here :

Nadina is over the moon ūüôā Love doorwayyou all and even more I love your horses!! ‚ô• ‚ô• ‚ô•

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Equifestival of Ireland 2013

Equifestival of Ireland 2013 is over!!!

Huge thanks to team of photographers:  Siobhan, Art, Alex and  Lauris for all hard work at the very busy event!

you are stars and special thanks for your patience Lauris and Alex ūüôā

70GB  and over 10 000 photos

Saturday  was  extremely  long day which  for some of us last  over 20 hours
personally my alarm was  set up  for 5am and I finished  shooting  last  championship at 1am and was in bed around  2am.. not to mention that Sunday  for  some of us was hard day due to sleepless hours and overall tiredness.
even  if Sunday show  finished around 6, we were at home at midnight.

Despite dizzy brain of tiredness  I have enjoyed the show and met  new, wonderful people and some  very impressive horses!
loved to¬† have a chat with fans of¬† my arts and hear compliments.¬† hopefully¬†¬† over¬† 200 cards¬† taken¬† will bring me¬† good¬† few¬†¬† customers ūüôā

All photographs will be available on website

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….and summer at last!

every time I am¬† planning to do something more I realize I don’t have time¬† for all my plans¬† go live ūüôā Yes I do complain about lack of time and at the same¬† time I am¬† bad workaholic trying to use every single minute¬† to paint, to sketch, to¬† edit, to¬† email¬† and reply.. since I¬† have customers from all over the world things¬† are getting¬† more exciting as¬† no matter if I have early morning or¬† insomnia at 3am I always have¬† somebody online to chat ūüôā
Now summer has arrived¬† and it means¬† I live from show to show. no much time for painting, but I wish I had a bit more as I have¬† so many beautiful reference pictures sitting in folders.. also¬† photoshoot files are sitting¬† unedited.¬† thank you dear customers¬† being so patient! ūüôā
my¬† personal challenge is going extremely slow too..¬† 40 pieces to go and it seems it will take me forever ūüôā¬† I have¬† two commissions in progress, one big piece sketched out and something else I can’t even count all the amount of things in ToDo folder ūüôā latest painting for 100 paintings¬† is¬† 12×12 inches
double Derrochon ūüôā from¬† my Spanish trip in back in March
even if my¬† challenge¬† didn’t¬† go¬† one painting a day in 100 days in row, I am absolutely happy with¬† what I have learned¬† so far and learned to¬† start and finish piece in¬† few hours.
I love  acrylics for  that!

about photozz..
since  1st of  January this year I did not have any free weekend, it means  every  single weekend I  work.  lol  I work 7 days a week, but I chose it myself, so shame to complain!
next free weekend  seems  will be only at the end of  July if  nobody books their show in.
well¬† few shows I have attended were not my¬† shows I am booked for, went only as press photographer but enjoyed every single moment of spending time shooting¬† world’s¬† best¬† eventing riders.
Badminton  Horse Trials was just WOW! I had chance to try  this  beautifuyl brand new car for having a  look at  Cross country course:

and weather was  amazing too!
here is  London Olympic games  winner Michael Jung (Germany)
I was cheering¬† up he wins, but another great rider won¬† the show ūüôā
his dressage test was  test of the tests! he got all highest marks  for riding! <3

it was pleasure to meet  many  interesting people, most of them are photographers and journalists  with huge experience, having  in their pockets Olympic games etc. was nice to  get some advice from them too!

at Badminton I took some photos for  our local Irish company Waterboy. they produce  such a thing, which you can use in the middle of field  to wash your horse and even have hot water!!

after returned back home I had¬† amazing photoshoot for riding¬† clothing advertisement, but it has to sit in secret folder until all things are done! ūüôā

Pity one  of Riding clubs had to cancel their annual summerfest, but luckily  I have got another  show to do and we spent  fabulous day  shooting and printing on-site in Kilronan  Equestrian Centre. (must scan newspaper with article and my picture in it)



now just finished article about Tatts and¬† even if my¬† PC crashed at lest 10 times¬† this week somehow managed to¬† finish photos too ūüôā all photos in event galleries!

now¬† I’m getting ready¬† for¬† hopefully sunny weekend. planning to visit¬†¬† kennels, bring¬† my PC to fix and two¬† days of harness racing ahead too!¬† yiihaaa!!
now I’m off to¬† garden to catch sunshine ūüôā

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March (reading piece)

It’s¬† been a long¬† time since I posted any¬† news here. my apologies¬† to¬† followers, just¬† busy!

First of all there is  still no spring in Ireland ..  same cold as in December and  loads of shows are  being cancelled due to  bad  ground and weather  conditions.

At least¬† local¬† P2P wasn’t¬† cancelled and¬† I was lucky enough about weather and some¬† good shots.
Antler challenge  I always wanted to  attend  was  postponed first and then cancelled at all, then  some Hunter trials   are  cancelled too.  I really hope  this  year   some big shows  will not be cancelled as I  have planned  to attend  good  few.

I¬† am just back¬† from sunny Spain¬† where I¬† had¬† lovely¬† road trip, and met¬† my¬† friends¬† PRE horse breeders.¬† My plan was to visit some more stables, but weather wasn’t¬† good and also¬† I didn’t realize that¬† Spain is¬† bigger than¬† I thought ūüôā¬† next time I will plan better, also¬† 6 days is not enough at all!¬† I¬† still visited¬† three¬† farms, and once again I¬† say I love Spanish horses and¬† one¬† day I will own one!

Also  there I had meet up with my  good friends  at  Sunshine Tour.  It supposed to be   5 weeks  of sun, but it  was 5  weeks of rain for them and many shows there  have been cancelled too, and the one I  had to take photos at  of  course  was cancelled too because of  heavy  rain and  thunders.

I was glad to¬† stay¬† at my¬† friend’s¬†¬† in¬† absolutely stunning place,¬† I met¬† her¬† beautiful¬†¬† warmblood horses in front of my¬† camera.¬† It was¬† good¬† fun! I also¬† ate loads of¬† oranges from trees in their yard¬† ūüôā yumm!
I hope to visit   Spain  again  this year, will see how  my  calendar will   appear with bookings etc etc.

One week before¬† trip¬† I¬† took part in photographic exhibition at Dublin Pearse Street library, where I¬† had on display¬† hunting and¬† other random¬† equine stuff. I can really¬† see how much¬†¬† my photos¬† improved since last show and I am¬† almost proud¬† of myself ūüôā

Also¬† did¬† appearance at¬† Sport Horse Ireland stallion inspections in Cavan, which about I’m thankful to Siobhan English for the opportunity, I hope¬† we have more¬† shows and events to¬† work¬† at together! Last time I saw¬† so many¬† beautiful¬† boys¬†¬† five-six years ago¬† where I worked at Baltic stallion inspections¬† in Audruvis. I love stallions a lot! they are special!

Bad thing is that I¬† don’t understand where my¬† time is¬† running and who is stealing it?¬† I wake up every morning with a list of To Do , but¬† then it’s¬† already¬† evening and¬†¬† seems like nothing is done.. well I¬† try to manage¬† all on my¬† own¬† which is not very¬† helpful to¬† my¬† arts, as¬† paperwork and¬† networking is taking too much time, so¬† this¬† has really affected my¬† personal challenge..¬† my¬† great plan¬† of¬† finishing¬† by¬† Xmas¬† has¬†¬† failed, next was to¬† finish in April and again…. I am still¬† less than in the middle! bad! I tell you I am¬† not lazy!! I am proper workaholic and my¬† family¬† is not¬† happy about it either.

now I am¬† working on¬† one¬† commission¬† of¬†¬† great show-jumper, I have¬† few¬† gigabytes of¬†¬† photos to¬† work on,¬†¬† some¬† shows¬† coming up,¬† of course¬† challenge paintings to¬† do and much more on my¬† list ūüôā I don’t complain about being¬† busy I love¬† what I do!
I can do it!

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2012 Summary

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Christmas time?

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JF Pignon

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Ballynahowen Eamon

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Busy time

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Prize for connemara

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painting update

at last I’m done¬†¬† with¬† portrait¬† of¬† gorgeous¬† Wiggy – Dutch¬† warmblood.¬† such an elegant¬† man!

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life goes on

things¬† happen every single day.. last week¬† we moved into¬† new family¬† house with lovely garden and new¬† sunny¬† place for¬† my studio.. after¬† few days of happiness¬† I got sore fracture of my¬† left hand¬† finger.. yes I’m left … Continue reading

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Irish soccer :)

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so if it’s¬† pure Irish¬† weather there is nothing¬† to do, only to¬†¬† find¬† way to enjoy it.¬† so¬† did we¬† both¬† with my¬†¬† gorgeous¬† dog Only, who is¬† real soccer player ūüôā

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some people keep asking¬† if¬†¬† nameplates I do are¬† available¬† with their¬† own¬† horse. ofcoure my¬† friends ūüôā¬† here is one of recent¬†¬† nameplates I did for¬† beautiful gray lad Butler. I was¬†¬† sponsoring¬†¬† Best Turnout competition at¬† Coilog Int. … Continue reading

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Proud to announce¬† I’m going to be sponsor of¬† Performance Connemara Show in East on July¬† 28th I will be presenting fantastic prize – original painting! Show Page Also I will be doing¬† sponsorship¬† at Royal Trim Show I did¬†¬† … Continue reading

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