can you See My Reflection?

I can indeed now! not jsut in the eyes!
I couldn’t wait to share some wonderful story with you.. 
A couple of days ago I was invited to do a photoshoot at a local yard, when one of the models turned up and gave me a glance with his magical charismatic eyes.. wow.. who are you pet? 
Blake is a rescue with unknown past and age, looks like an import of some sort due to a very distinct freezebrand on his upper neck.. a polo pony? maybe something else, we don’t know, but is got his forever loving home now that is what matters.
Wait… I know this freezbrand, I think I know his breed !!  do you mind me  to investigate?

 Given a green light I immediately texted my friend Dawn, who is campaigning to protect standardbred freezbranding in US. Photo of the  brand, hope, wait…  
  my phone screen blinked in jsut few minutes and ..
is this really happening? 
I got full report for the horse by Western Ideal that was born in NJ, sold to Canada then exported  to Ireland buyer, a familiar name again? 
 I am  messaging  owner of the Meadowbranch Stables, potentially those who may confirm.. attaching the photo of the suspect and  YES.. 
  In  one lucky moment horse got not just outstanding  royal pedigree by Western Ideal, but he also got his full beautiful name See My Reflection,  birthday to celebrate, he turned out to be 17, and warm words from his previous ownership for whom he won some very prestigious races in UK an Ireland ..  few years of his story then missing, but..
It’s a happy end with two souls found each other in Ireland! 
and tell me I don’t have amazing job! I meet so many wonderful stories along the way!
can you see my reflection now?

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