Individual commissions

Every commission is a handmade one of a kind piece of art and therefore individually priced!
Please view  prices below for  prices and  sizes of a detailed painting per animal.

Size Price for detailed painting
12 x 16″   (30 x 40cm)  €500 suits for 1 horse head or  dog
  16 x 20″  (40 x 50cm) €700  full body or portrait
  24 x 20″  (60 x 50cm) €1,000
  20 x 30 ″ (50 x 76cm)  €1,200
  30 x 40″ (100 x 76cm) €2,000

  •  Prices are  based on  one  horse detailed full body or portrait
  • extra charge may apply for complicated backgrounds.
  • proportions may vary depending on scenes and composition.
  • Paintings  can be  done on gallery  wrap, deep edge canvas and  do not necessarily need framing,  please make sure this is discussed upon placing the final order.


canvas size copyI am working from photographs, and  it is very important reference images are clear and showing your animal from it’s best side. Quality of  painting  depends on  quality of   provided  images, for this reason if this is possible I prefer to take pictures myself.

Prints must be scanned at  high resolution, same as  digital files highest possibly resolution must be sent by email. pictures should not be edited or cropped and  have permission  of photographer to be used as reference.

  vary  from €20 – 200 (depends on where are you based and size of your painting) I use only international courier services and registered post for  smaller pieces.

Procedure of commission:

  • reference  photos/photo session, I only work from  high quality images.
  • dimensions and details consultation
  •  20% non refundable  deposit to secure order
  • work in progress updates
  • final photo inspection
  • payment (PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash)
  • shipping/ collecting of ready painting.
    NOTE: No painting will be released  without cleared payment.
    Customer  pays all transfer fees

How long  does it take?  depending on workload painting may  take from two weeks to six months. if you  have   any special occasion ,  I will try my best to fit into all deadlines.

  • Make sure your animal is groomed and is in good mood to show  it’s personality
  • Do portraits in good lighting, sunlight preferable but not  necessary (cloudy days make coat look  dull).
  • It’s better to have too many photos than not enough as I need to see animal in different angles for better results and it is better chance to choose best one
  • NEVER use flash! it makes  eyes look blind, but natural  shadows are destroyed but  flat light of  flash.
  • If you are not sure about the photos you have taken, please contact
    me and I will help you to get the correct settings, poses and other things for the
    best possible results