There is always story behind :)

I never do paintings randomly, my arts are my feelings and nothing more.. glad my feelings  bringing me some income too 🙂

in 2009 in  famous Latvian stud farm Burtnieki, where  Olympic Dressage  horse Rusty was born, we had photographic workshop with  super great team of camerafriends.
I took a picture of little foal and put that picture in  folder of ToDo something later (I have many gigs of this kind of material 🙂
now 4 years later I open that folder and  straight away I knew this is what I’m  going to paint today 🙂
I did, and in 30 minutes after finished painting’s photo was published it was sold to  my greatest  customer friend and collector Christine in America 🙂

I called it  Amber Afternoon as  amber is very Latvian stone, but also horses eyes sometimes are like real amber 🙂

Interesting what that  cute  chestnut baby  (I believe it’s real beauty now) would think about it ? 🙂
day 071

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