shake it off

shake it off and start a new chapter..
30x40cm (12×16 inches) painting with no caption (any ideas?)

300A9455 copy 300A9458 copy

I have always told my artworks are my feelings but it is hard to express through commissioned work where I’m more concentrating on likeness of the subject .. so today I took a day off everything and sat down with my own thoughts.. at last you can see progress from A-Z as I never really show it..

so.. sketch it..
2015-05-26 21.30 2015-05-26 21.35

























then  paint over  thin layer of backgrounds colour
2015-05-26 22.27.01













then refine  edges of subject, block a little in and  paint more background
looks  messy I know..
2015-05-26 23.15













then  more colours in.. and refine..
2015-05-26 23.28.31

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