Sable Matters,story behind the painting

At last I can show this  painting to the world.
Last year while visiting  Meadowbranch  stud, I’ve spotted one absolutely  charismatic horsey face, and it was HIM, wonderful and successful stallion Sable Matters, 1991 (by Matts Scooter and Sable B)

he have been all over the world racing and producing top class racers, he definitely knows he is priceless, as most of  respectable age stallions would know.
at his age of 22  he was full of life enjoying  his retirement  in his own green field and  5* stables in  Meadowbranch.

while ago I  have  been asked to do a painting of him racing for the leading Irish  trainer  William Flanagan’s birthday, and of course it meaned to me a lot!
BUT. Sable Matters  didn’t race for many many years and  his photos and videos of racing are all archived somewhere.. so the search began..

After sending  few emails around the world I have been provided with amazing  photo of him racing in 1995 in  America, thanks to the super helpful people over there, much appreciated!

then  the main task was to paint  different  driver with different colors on. it means different position and whole silhouette.
here my reference pictures are, and the big work began…

I Idid it!

This morning got the message from  William’s  daughters, telling me  that  birthday man was speechless  receiving his  birthday present and  I must say it means the world for me as an artist!
Happy Birthday William!


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