March (reading piece)

It’s  been a long  time since I posted any  news here. my apologies  to  followers, just  busy!

First of all there is  still no spring in Ireland ..  same cold as in December and  loads of shows are  being cancelled due to  bad  ground and weather  conditions.

At least  local  P2P wasn’t  cancelled and  I was lucky enough about weather and some  good shots.
Antler challenge  I always wanted to  attend  was  postponed first and then cancelled at all, then  some Hunter trials   are  cancelled too.  I really hope  this  year   some big shows  will not be cancelled as I  have planned  to attend  good  few.

I  am just back  from sunny Spain  where I  had  lovely  road trip, and met  my  friends  PRE horse breeders.  My plan was to visit some more stables, but weather wasn’t  good and also  I didn’t realize that  Spain is  bigger than  I thought 🙂  next time I will plan better, also  6 days is not enough at all!  I  still visited  three  farms, and once again I  say I love Spanish horses and  one  day I will own one!

Also  there I had meet up with my  good friends  at  Sunshine Tour.  It supposed to be   5 weeks  of sun, but it  was 5  weeks of rain for them and many shows there  have been cancelled too, and the one I  had to take photos at  of  course  was cancelled too because of  heavy  rain and  thunders.

I was glad to  stay  at my  friend’s   in  absolutely stunning place,  I met  her  beautiful   warmblood horses in front of my  camera.  It was  good  fun! I also  ate loads of  oranges from trees in their yard  🙂 yumm!
I hope to visit   Spain  again  this year, will see how  my  calendar will   appear with bookings etc etc.

One week before  trip  I  took part in photographic exhibition at Dublin Pearse Street library, where I  had on display  hunting and  other random  equine stuff. I can really  see how much   my photos  improved since last show and I am  almost proud  of myself 🙂

Also  did  appearance at  Sport Horse Ireland stallion inspections in Cavan, which about I’m thankful to Siobhan English for the opportunity, I hope  we have more  shows and events to  work  at together! Last time I saw  so many  beautiful  boys   five-six years ago  where I worked at Baltic stallion inspections  in Audruvis. I love stallions a lot! they are special!

Bad thing is that I  don’t understand where my  time is  running and who is stealing it?  I wake up every morning with a list of To Do , but  then it’s  already  evening and   seems like nothing is done.. well I  try to manage  all on my  own  which is not very  helpful to  my  arts, as  paperwork and  networking is taking too much time, so  this  has really affected my  personal challenge..  my  great plan  of  finishing  by  Xmas  has   failed, next was to  finish in April and again…. I am still  less than in the middle! bad! I tell you I am  not lazy!! I am proper workaholic and my  family  is not  happy about it either.

now I am  working on  one  commission  of   great show-jumper, I have  few  gigabytes of   photos to  work on,   some  shows  coming up,  of course  challenge paintings to  do and much more on my  list 🙂 I don’t complain about being  busy I love  what I do!
I can do it!

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