2012 Summary

I must say  big thank you to all my customers, fans and friends for amazing support this year and I wish you all prosperous NEW 2013 YEAR!

This was a BIG year  for Ironia Art!
In 2012 we started to provide photography services with printing on  site facilities, and we did loads of shows for the first year! All  happy  customers hopefully  return  next year. Here I must  say   big thank you to my patient  partner Lauris as he was the  one  who followed me to all shows, and dealt with customers so  well!  so  we did together around  15 shows with  over 1000 prints in total.  I have  visited  around  50 shows and events  with my camera if I can believe my calendar 🙂 here I didn’t  count photoshoots.

Around 50 paintings  and 13 nameplates painted this year.
Interest  for   commissions  has  grown since last  year a lot.
I  have started  my  personal challenge  100 paintings in  100 days and  did  28 paintings so far,  but  due to  busy time  for  Xmas I had to  put it on hold  til new year.
One sad thing happened too – during  Charity  Exhibition at Dublin City Council on Quays one painting was stolen, but  security and exhibition organizers  weren’t  very  friendly  so I hope this person  who did it will have  ulcers on all  20 fingers and after I die this painting  will be sold for price with many zeros.  People don’t steal bad things 🙂

Ironia Art sponsored 6 shows, as well as some charity   things were done. At the very end of the  year my commission were sold  a Fingal Harriers  Hunt Ball Auction, which also  is donation to hunt.

Many  fantastic people   appeared  in my  life, and of course I have learned a lot during this year, as new  beginning in new  country is not  easy  going, but I really appreciate  all the help from  my  friends and supporters!

I love you all and  I see you  next  year :* <3

Here is the last painting of year 2012 and it is part of my challenge of 100
“Snow White” 28/100 10×8 inches

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