free stuff.. really?

To whom it may concern..
I always say I love my job and I don’t lie about it..!
I do my best to produce high quality stuff, sitting in all weather conditions waiting for YOUR turn in the my best to get YOU a perfect photo, I know you or not, I still do my best.. I’m spending hours sorting and editing thousands of images after the shows, when you already sitting with legs up in front of the fireplace or saying how tired you are after a long day at the show, riding one horse and now going to bed early..
.. and then… I find stolen images all over facebook.. screenshots and even better photographed off the screen with your phone with comments of your buds how cool you are.. SHAME! I would be extremely embarrassed, putting as a profile picture, which saying, that it has been stolen or it is not a free copy..
..and you know what? FB copy is just a fiver, but there’s no price you can buy intellect for!
Now imagine how it looked if someone walks towards you at the show, takes bridle off your pony and walks away.. just because they want it, . why to pay..? . it must be free.. same with photos.. it is theft guys! pure crime!

Did you steal your horse, your saddle, your car or horsebox? you paid for it.. imagine, I pay for taking pictures of you! Equipment is expensive, insurance is not free, my time is priceless.. every time you steal the image, remember, I also have bills to pay and earn money for better equipment to take best photos of YOU!

Think twice before you steal something!

here’s another story to add.. There are professional photographers and amateurs who do it for fun, but  pretending to be a pro.. they  are  sitting  at  the event all day, snapping every horse, then sharing their stuff free of charge on facebook, not even thinking they are destroying this market.. everyone is a photographer now.. every girl who gets camera for Xmas is a pro and doing a free stuff, watermarks do not help it..
like yesterday I was invited to do the job.. another bunch there shapping and selling today .. what for? I never turn up and shoot at the events someone is booked for.. I respect other’s time and financial investment….

Huge thanks to all customers, who appreciate hard work of event photographers! we love you and your horses, we are looking after you and wishing you best results!


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