editing pics

we always learn something new every day!
I’m working  daily in Photoshop since  2005 or so, and  I know I’m not using  it’s all features.
I love  to stay on basics and not overdoing  photos, as  overphotoshopped pictures look weird to my  eye and  if I find  this  kind pf pictures over internet I scroll them  away from my eyes .. I think  loads of  people do this..  all genious things are simple!
if  original photo is  crap there is just nothing to do about it..   delete pictures like this unless  it’s something very special about the moment.

If  picture is  good at the beginning all you need is  few moves and it’s ready  to go in public. As more I learn about  quality of photography as less I spend on  every picture.

today’s lesson  for myself  was a little  play  with color channels and  here you go.. 5 minutes and I love it 🙂

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