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Latvian Horse days 2014

one of my all time favorite photos is used for this year’s largest Equestrian event: Latvian Horse Days 2014 .. posters, adverts, tickets, programmes etc etc, my photo everywhere
I wish I was there! waiting for photos from advertisers, there are huge posters around the country displayed!
on top of that my Exhibition “Notes of Beauty” is moving to VIP zone of the event from RIX airport business lounge

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Exhitibiton @Riga International Airpot

Exhibition “Notes of Beauty” is now open!
Huge thanks to Young Riders School & Riga International Airport for this opportunity, also many thanks to for taking care of my prints! all looks just fantastic there!

Very international models and even more international owners of horses. pictures are taken in 6 different countries ūüôā¬† thanks to all all owners and their fabulous¬† animals for being you!

Welcome to RIX Airport Business Lounge!

all pictures  from Airport here FACEBOOK

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Equifestival of Ireland 2013

Equifestival of Ireland 2013 is over!!!

Huge thanks to team of photographers:  Siobhan, Art, Alex and  Lauris for all hard work at the very busy event!

you are stars and special thanks for your patience Lauris and Alex ūüôā

70GB  and over 10 000 photos

Saturday  was  extremely  long day which  for some of us last  over 20 hours
personally my alarm was  set up  for 5am and I finished  shooting  last  championship at 1am and was in bed around  2am.. not to mention that Sunday  for  some of us was hard day due to sleepless hours and overall tiredness.
even  if Sunday show  finished around 6, we were at home at midnight.

Despite dizzy brain of tiredness  I have enjoyed the show and met  new, wonderful people and some  very impressive horses!
loved to¬† have a chat with fans of¬† my arts and hear compliments.¬† hopefully¬†¬† over¬† 200 cards¬† taken¬† will bring me¬† good¬† few¬†¬† customers ūüôā

All photographs will be available on website

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….and summer at last!

every time I am¬† planning to do something more I realize I don’t have time¬† for all my plans¬† go live ūüôā Yes I do complain about lack of time and at the same¬† time I am¬† bad workaholic trying to use every single minute¬† to paint, to sketch, to¬† edit, to¬† email¬† and reply.. since I¬† have customers from all over the world things¬† are getting¬† more exciting as¬† no matter if I have early morning or¬† insomnia at 3am I always have¬† somebody online to chat ūüôā
Now summer has arrived¬† and it means¬† I live from show to show. no much time for painting, but I wish I had a bit more as I have¬† so many beautiful reference pictures sitting in folders.. also¬† photoshoot files are sitting¬† unedited.¬† thank you dear customers¬† being so patient! ūüôā
my¬† personal challenge is going extremely slow too..¬† 40 pieces to go and it seems it will take me forever ūüôā¬† I have¬† two commissions in progress, one big piece sketched out and something else I can’t even count all the amount of things in ToDo folder ūüôā latest painting for 100 paintings¬† is¬† 12×12 inches
double Derrochon ūüôā from¬† my Spanish trip in back in March
even if my¬† challenge¬† didn’t¬† go¬† one painting a day in 100 days in row, I am absolutely happy with¬† what I have learned¬† so far and learned to¬† start and finish piece in¬† few hours.
I love  acrylics for  that!

about photozz..
since  1st of  January this year I did not have any free weekend, it means  every  single weekend I  work.  lol  I work 7 days a week, but I chose it myself, so shame to complain!
next free weekend  seems  will be only at the end of  July if  nobody books their show in.
well¬† few shows I have attended were not my¬† shows I am booked for, went only as press photographer but enjoyed every single moment of spending time shooting¬† world’s¬† best¬† eventing riders.
Badminton  Horse Trials was just WOW! I had chance to try  this  beautifuyl brand new car for having a  look at  Cross country course:

and weather was  amazing too!
here is  London Olympic games  winner Michael Jung (Germany)
I was cheering¬† up he wins, but another great rider won¬† the show ūüôā
his dressage test was  test of the tests! he got all highest marks  for riding! <3

it was pleasure to meet  many  interesting people, most of them are photographers and journalists  with huge experience, having  in their pockets Olympic games etc. was nice to  get some advice from them too!

at Badminton I took some photos for  our local Irish company Waterboy. they produce  such a thing, which you can use in the middle of field  to wash your horse and even have hot water!!

after returned back home I had¬† amazing photoshoot for riding¬† clothing advertisement, but it has to sit in secret folder until all things are done! ūüôā

Pity one  of Riding clubs had to cancel their annual summerfest, but luckily  I have got another  show to do and we spent  fabulous day  shooting and printing on-site in Kilronan  Equestrian Centre. (must scan newspaper with article and my picture in it)



now just finished article about Tatts and¬† even if my¬† PC crashed at lest 10 times¬† this week somehow managed to¬† finish photos too ūüôā all photos in event galleries!

now¬† I’m getting ready¬† for¬† hopefully sunny weekend. planning to visit¬†¬† kennels, bring¬† my PC to fix and two¬† days of harness racing ahead too!¬† yiihaaa!!
now I’m off to¬† garden to catch sunshine ūüôā

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2012 Summary

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I must say¬† big thank you to all my customers, fans and friends for amazing support this year and I wish you all prosperous NEW 2013 YEAR! This was a BIG year¬† for Ironia Art! In 2012 we started to … Continue reading

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Ballynahowen Eamon

This gallery contains 1 photo.

so it’s finished ūüôā Sponsored painting for Performance Connemara show in East, reserve champion¬† Ballynahowen Eamon (owner ¬† Rebecca O’Connel) I love to¬† hang¬† paintings on the wall and take fresh look at them before they¬† go to¬† their new … Continue reading

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Busy time

This gallery contains 1 photo.

from show to show, prints, designs, paintings, all computer and¬† outdoor¬† works summer¬† is almost at the end..¬† where it’s¬† gone?¬† ah¬† forgot¬† we live in Ireland, but can’t complain, I got my¬† shoulders brown this year ūüôā had brilliant¬†¬† … Continue reading

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Prize for connemara

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Spent brilliant day at¬† Performance Connemara show in East¬† last Saturday. Sunny¬† day¬† with some¬† heavy¬† showers and storms¬† were brilliant¬† for photography, atmosphere was great and horses¬†¬† did well. as I mentioned¬†¬† earlier I offered¬†¬† prize – painting of¬† … Continue reading

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life goes on

things¬† happen every single day.. last week¬† we moved into¬† new family¬† house with lovely garden and new¬† sunny¬† place for¬† my studio.. after¬† few days of happiness¬† I got sore fracture of my¬† left hand¬† finger.. yes I’m left … Continue reading

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some people keep asking¬† if¬†¬† nameplates I do are¬† available¬† with their¬† own¬† horse. ofcoure my¬† friends ūüôā¬† here is one of recent¬†¬† nameplates I did for¬† beautiful gray lad Butler. I was¬†¬† sponsoring¬†¬† Best Turnout competition at¬† Coilog Int. … Continue reading

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Proud to announce¬† I’m going to be sponsor of¬† Performance Connemara Show in East on July¬† 28th I will be presenting fantastic prize – original painting! Show Page Also I will be doing¬† sponsorship¬† at Royal Trim Show I did¬†¬† … Continue reading

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