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shake it off

shake it off and start a new chapter..
30x40cm (12×16 inches) painting with no caption (any ideas?)

300A9455 copy 300A9458 copy

I have always told my artworks are my feelings but it is hard to express through commissioned work where I’m more concentrating on likeness of the subject .. so today I took a day off everything and sat down with my own thoughts.. at last you can see progress from A-Z as I never really show it..

so.. sketch it..
2015-05-26 21.30 2015-05-26 21.35

























then  paint over  thin layer of backgrounds colour
2015-05-26 22.27.01













then refine  edges of subject, block a little in and  paint more background
looks  messy I know..
2015-05-26 23.15













then  more colours in.. and refine..
2015-05-26 23.28.31

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Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney memorial weekend!

It has never been so hard to say bye bye to people I met just 3 days ago.. I have never heard so many inspiring sweet words about myself and work I do!
“..never change Nadina, stay the way you are ..” – said Wally Hennessey… I will not.. I don’t want to change .

Wally Hennessey , ME, Heather Vitale, Anthony Butt and lovely Lillian Delaney

Heather Vitale, Roger Huston, Anthony Butt, Wally Hennessey, Steve Wolf – living legends and just wonderful people! All the cream in one cup at our little track at times it didn’t feel I’m in Parmarnock at all.. the whole weekend was unreal! . It finally made me cry as I was leaving the track last night, when will I meet them again? Well. . I hope soon, now I gotta make it the states! Still eyes full of emotions as writing the lines, so nice to know there are your soulmates across the pond

Wally Hennessey.. if he lived in Ireland I would be racing next year :))

Thanks to the Delaney family for this opportunity, thigs I learned and heard in these few days is more than someone can only wish for! This would never happen without your passionate work organising the Weekend in memory of your brother Vincent! He’s proud of you up there ..!

My pleasure!

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time is runnig faster than I plan it!

don’t  think I’m  lazy guys if not posting here, I’m busy, working days and nights  sorting and editing photos for my dear customers,  doing some design work and computing things.. ! well it’s pretty hard to go inside and work in pretty dark (othervice I can’t see  my screen) while it’s  beautiful sunny outside, but has to be done 🙂 next two weeks   will be tough as I have big plan to finish  most of  work I have.. very busy  August for me too.. Starting with  annual SOCK charity show, then Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Racing Weekend,  one or two days of RDS, then one week of teaching photography at  Latvian culture summer camp “3X3” for which I  have to  prepare all materials.. not to mention I have  guests
apologies to all who is waiting on their commissions and photoshoots being  finished!  doing my best !

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annual photo trip

finally dates confirmed! I am going to Dusseldorf and Malaga in June!
landing in Düsseldorf on 9th June, departing to Malaga on 13th
I have some free time  while  there and will be happy to  visit you and your horses for some photos and  chat 🙂

Great opportunity to do portraits for  painting commissions!
PM for details:

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Sable Matters,story behind the painting

At last I can show this  painting to the world.
Last year while visiting  Meadowbranch  stud, I’ve spotted one absolutely  charismatic horsey face, and it was HIM, wonderful and successful stallion Sable Matters, 1991 (by Matts Scooter and Sable B)

he have been all over the world racing and producing top class racers, he definitely knows he is priceless, as most of  respectable age stallions would know.
at his age of 22  he was full of life enjoying  his retirement  in his own green field and  5* stables in  Meadowbranch.

while ago I  have  been asked to do a painting of him racing for the leading Irish  trainer  William Flanagan’s birthday, and of course it meaned to me a lot!
BUT. Sable Matters  didn’t race for many many years and  his photos and videos of racing are all archived somewhere.. so the search began..

After sending  few emails around the world I have been provided with amazing  photo of him racing in 1995 in  America, thanks to the super helpful people over there, much appreciated!

then  the main task was to paint  different  driver with different colors on. it means different position and whole silhouette.
here my reference pictures are, and the big work began…

I Idid it!

This morning got the message from  William’s  daughters, telling me  that  birthday man was speechless  receiving his  birthday present and  I must say it means the world for me as an artist!
Happy Birthday William!


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Never did this before but  now I found it so much fun watching my own  work from  the side.   didn’t ‘ notice how many layers  it takes to get a real looking  animal 🙂

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The Doorway Gallery.. I’m in!

wind of changes and life is going up 🙂
Ironia Art now will be represented by The Doorway Gallery
Yippeee! It feels like I’m doing something right, as this invitation was a little unexpected for me, thanks to my fans spreading the word! 10 paintings now gone to the framers and soon will be displayed at the gallery.

the other thing is that my prices will also grow pretty soon! so if you are thinking to make a commission, you have chance to get if for old price til the end of this month (of course securing it with deposit)
more info here :

Nadina is over the moon 🙂 Love doorwayyou all and even more I love your horses!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Equifestival of Ireland 2013

Equifestival of Ireland 2013 is over!!!

Huge thanks to team of photographers:  Siobhan, Art, Alex and  Lauris for all hard work at the very busy event!

you are stars and special thanks for your patience Lauris and Alex 🙂

70GB  and over 10 000 photos

Saturday  was  extremely  long day which  for some of us last  over 20 hours
personally my alarm was  set up  for 5am and I finished  shooting  last  championship at 1am and was in bed around  2am.. not to mention that Sunday  for  some of us was hard day due to sleepless hours and overall tiredness.
even  if Sunday show  finished around 6, we were at home at midnight.

Despite dizzy brain of tiredness  I have enjoyed the show and met  new, wonderful people and some  very impressive horses!
loved to  have a chat with fans of  my arts and hear compliments.  hopefully   over  200 cards  taken  will bring me  good  few   customers 🙂

All photographs will be available on website

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