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2014 summary

This was a very busy and  very special year, things  only happened few month ago  feels like happened ages ago but it still was  2014….
I am finishing this  year with conclusion  that  I can only rely on my own intuition, on what heart  is telling me… Unfortunately sometimes I did risk and didn’t care about what sixth sense is telling me..  though lesson, but gone with past..
This year has shown  who are my friends and those who  don’t care… I have learned enormous amount of things about myself and people around ..

I must say a massive THANK YOU to all my  customers! without  you Ironia-Art  would never exist! <3

I am thankful to people who cheered me up and  kept my faith  in  good when I was in trouble  and things went  completely wrong! Thank you  for being with me, friends! thanks to those who made my dreams come true! I don’t need to name, you know yourself! <3

I have started  2014  with looking at  priorities and finishing  with the feeling I did something right! some of you have noticed I didn’t paint as much as in previous  year because I  put my  family in  first place of the priority list.
Being workaholic is not easy  🙂  here’s the joy of  doing something  you love.. I don’t feel  where my  hobby ends and where my  job starts so my family got to suffer a bit 🙂  still working on it !

What else I was up this year?  seen another bit of world, met  fantastic people, heard  inspiring things,  did  crazy things and the most important I spent this year with  HORSES  🙂

I have   HUGE pile of  ToDo things for  2015 and only with your support I can make it!


Love you all!

Zafiro / Cortijo Desgarrahatos
Zafiro / Cortijo Desgarrahatos
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Christmas Commissions!

Time is  flying  and  Christmas time is  sooner than it  seems to be  and  my planner says that I am almost fully booked out for this years commissions. I will accept new commissions only til the end of this week Sept 15th (paid deposit is confirmation of booking, photos can be sorted later, as I’m working on other paintings now)

those who already discussed with me  their Xmas commissions I count in so don’t panic, but hurry up!

don’t worry  if you are late, I am sure someone who you want to get painting done for will be  more than happy to get their X-mass present a bit later 😉

PS. each painting takes me different amount of hours to finish, so it means my planning is approximate. it means that if you book in, there is chance your painting will be done earlier 😉
please have a look on more info how to make commission for  prices, sizes  and sample work

day 074a

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There is always story behind :)

I never do paintings randomly, my arts are my feelings and nothing more.. glad my feelings  bringing me some income too 🙂

in 2009 in  famous Latvian stud farm Burtnieki, where  Olympic Dressage  horse Rusty was born, we had photographic workshop with  super great team of camerafriends.
I took a picture of little foal and put that picture in  folder of ToDo something later (I have many gigs of this kind of material 🙂
now 4 years later I open that folder and  straight away I knew this is what I’m  going to paint today 🙂
I did, and in 30 minutes after finished painting’s photo was published it was sold to  my greatest  customer friend and collector Christine in America 🙂

I called it  Amber Afternoon as  amber is very Latvian stone, but also horses eyes sometimes are like real amber 🙂

Interesting what that  cute  chestnut baby  (I believe it’s real beauty now) would think about it ? 🙂
day 071

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Back to Easel!

I did I did I did it!!!! first survived painting in 2 months! 🙂

as some of you might  have noticed I didn’t paint for almost all summer, I did few sketches alright but it was and still not easy to concentrate on creative stuff, there is  one serious  reason for it connected to my past  spinal and brain injuries … terrific migraines and back pain are following me day by day.. I am a bit colorblind due to it and this is one of the reasons I didn’t take brushes for so long.. well… I did but all was in bin in minutes.. and I gave up for while..
being and artist and having problems with  vision is not  big fun.. maybe I become famous one day and my special seeing will to it’s job lol
Also this summer is very busy with shows, trips, guests and at last this was first summer in 4 years since I live in Ireland so I had to enjoy it too!

now huge amount of work is sitting and waiting for me and I will do my best not to give up with painting!!
paintings to do:

  1. 20×16 commission Liding Light (almost  finished)
  2. 20×16 commission Airisa & Ravels (half done)
  3. 20×16 commission  Regina Rapida
  4. 20×16 commission black pacer Sarah
  5. 12×16 commission Dutch customer
  6. 10×14 commission/ will do it as a part of challenge – Dutch customer
  7. 12×16 commission doggy for Lisa
  8. 27×20 inches project with  Jennifer O’Sullivan
    3 or 4 nameplates..

as one of the upcoming commissions is black black beauty I had to do some exercise
8×10 inches “Gipsy Cob”
70/100 lol I know my challenge is neverending!
day 070

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The Doorway Gallery.. I’m in!

wind of changes and life is going up 🙂
Ironia Art now will be represented by The Doorway Gallery
Yippeee! It feels like I’m doing something right, as this invitation was a little unexpected for me, thanks to my fans spreading the word! 10 paintings now gone to the framers and soon will be displayed at the gallery.

the other thing is that my prices will also grow pretty soon! so if you are thinking to make a commission, you have chance to get if for old price til the end of this month (of course securing it with deposit)
more info here :

Nadina is over the moon 🙂 Love doorwayyou all and even more I love your horses!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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….and summer at last!

every time I am  planning to do something more I realize I don’t have time  for all my plans  go live 🙂 Yes I do complain about lack of time and at the same  time I am  bad workaholic trying to use every single minute  to paint, to sketch, to  edit, to  email  and reply.. since I  have customers from all over the world things  are getting  more exciting as  no matter if I have early morning or  insomnia at 3am I always have  somebody online to chat 🙂
Now summer has arrived  and it means  I live from show to show. no much time for painting, but I wish I had a bit more as I have  so many beautiful reference pictures sitting in folders.. also  photoshoot files are sitting  unedited.  thank you dear customers  being so patient! 🙂
my  personal challenge is going extremely slow too..  40 pieces to go and it seems it will take me forever 🙂  I have  two commissions in progress, one big piece sketched out and something else I can’t even count all the amount of things in ToDo folder 🙂 latest painting for 100 paintings  is  12×12 inches
double Derrochon 🙂 from  my Spanish trip in back in March
even if my  challenge  didn’t  go  one painting a day in 100 days in row, I am absolutely happy with  what I have learned  so far and learned to  start and finish piece in  few hours.
I love  acrylics for  that!

about photozz..
since  1st of  January this year I did not have any free weekend, it means  every  single weekend I  work.  lol  I work 7 days a week, but I chose it myself, so shame to complain!
next free weekend  seems  will be only at the end of  July if  nobody books their show in.
well  few shows I have attended were not my  shows I am booked for, went only as press photographer but enjoyed every single moment of spending time shooting  world’s  best  eventing riders.
Badminton  Horse Trials was just WOW! I had chance to try  this  beautifuyl brand new car for having a  look at  Cross country course:

and weather was  amazing too!
here is  London Olympic games  winner Michael Jung (Germany)
I was cheering  up he wins, but another great rider won  the show 🙂
his dressage test was  test of the tests! he got all highest marks  for riding! <3

it was pleasure to meet  many  interesting people, most of them are photographers and journalists  with huge experience, having  in their pockets Olympic games etc. was nice to  get some advice from them too!

at Badminton I took some photos for  our local Irish company Waterboy. they produce  such a thing, which you can use in the middle of field  to wash your horse and even have hot water!!

after returned back home I had  amazing photoshoot for riding  clothing advertisement, but it has to sit in secret folder until all things are done! 🙂

Pity one  of Riding clubs had to cancel their annual summerfest, but luckily  I have got another  show to do and we spent  fabulous day  shooting and printing on-site in Kilronan  Equestrian Centre. (must scan newspaper with article and my picture in it)



now just finished article about Tatts and  even if my  PC crashed at lest 10 times  this week somehow managed to  finish photos too 🙂 all photos in event galleries!

now  I’m getting ready  for  hopefully sunny weekend. planning to visit   kennels, bring  my PC to fix and two  days of harness racing ahead too!  yiihaaa!!
now I’m off to  garden to catch sunshine 🙂

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March (reading piece)

It’s  been a long  time since I posted any  news here. my apologies  to  followers, just  busy!

First of all there is  still no spring in Ireland ..  same cold as in December and  loads of shows are  being cancelled due to  bad  ground and weather  conditions.

At least  local  P2P wasn’t  cancelled and  I was lucky enough about weather and some  good shots.
Antler challenge  I always wanted to  attend  was  postponed first and then cancelled at all, then  some Hunter trials   are  cancelled too.  I really hope  this  year   some big shows  will not be cancelled as I  have planned  to attend  good  few.

I  am just back  from sunny Spain  where I  had  lovely  road trip, and met  my  friends  PRE horse breeders.  My plan was to visit some more stables, but weather wasn’t  good and also  I didn’t realize that  Spain is  bigger than  I thought 🙂  next time I will plan better, also  6 days is not enough at all!  I  still visited  three  farms, and once again I  say I love Spanish horses and  one  day I will own one!

Also  there I had meet up with my  good friends  at  Sunshine Tour.  It supposed to be   5 weeks  of sun, but it  was 5  weeks of rain for them and many shows there  have been cancelled too, and the one I  had to take photos at  of  course  was cancelled too because of  heavy  rain and  thunders.

I was glad to  stay  at my  friend’s   in  absolutely stunning place,  I met  her  beautiful   warmblood horses in front of my  camera.  It was  good  fun! I also  ate loads of  oranges from trees in their yard  🙂 yumm!
I hope to visit   Spain  again  this year, will see how  my  calendar will   appear with bookings etc etc.

One week before  trip  I  took part in photographic exhibition at Dublin Pearse Street library, where I  had on display  hunting and  other random  equine stuff. I can really  see how much   my photos  improved since last show and I am  almost proud  of myself 🙂

Also  did  appearance at  Sport Horse Ireland stallion inspections in Cavan, which about I’m thankful to Siobhan English for the opportunity, I hope  we have more  shows and events to  work  at together! Last time I saw  so many  beautiful  boys   five-six years ago  where I worked at Baltic stallion inspections  in Audruvis. I love stallions a lot! they are special!

Bad thing is that I  don’t understand where my  time is  running and who is stealing it?  I wake up every morning with a list of To Do , but  then it’s  already  evening and   seems like nothing is done.. well I  try to manage  all on my  own  which is not very  helpful to  my  arts, as  paperwork and  networking is taking too much time, so  this  has really affected my  personal challenge..  my  great plan  of  finishing  by  Xmas  has   failed, next was to  finish in April and again…. I am still  less than in the middle! bad! I tell you I am  not lazy!! I am proper workaholic and my  family  is not  happy about it either.

now I am  working on  one  commission  of   great show-jumper, I have  few  gigabytes of   photos to  work on,   some  shows  coming up,  of course  challenge paintings to  do and much more on my  list 🙂 I don’t complain about being  busy I love  what I do!
I can do it!

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2012 Summary

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I must say  big thank you to all my customers, fans and friends for amazing support this year and I wish you all prosperous NEW 2013 YEAR! This was a BIG year  for Ironia Art! In 2012 we started to … Continue reading

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squirrel :)

This gallery contains 1 photo.

I know it’s funny  but I feel like  crazy squirrel in a wheel 🙂 I  go to bed early mornings and I start  work  when lazy  winter sun is up in my window. these days I did some painting work, … Continue reading

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days 16 &17

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Can’t believe I did  drawing, I found I didn’t  to  graphite  for  many years .. probably it’s really  now time to return it to my list of ToDo’s 🙂 unbelievably hard to  scan  graphite  with no reflection of light.. this … Continue reading

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Days 12- 13 8×8″

This gallery contains 2 photos.

day  12 was my  night 2 hour painting.  amazing  reference picture of  Dogo Argentino names Akira 8×8 inches on canvas panel. sketchy 8×8″ black and white study.. and it’s Day 13 “cool down” got blind to see any detail on … Continue reading

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Day 11 (mare and foal)

another  quick painting  on canvas panel 10×14 inches. I called it Lunchtime.. loved shiny  bums on reference picture from  Lynn (USA)

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Day 10

This gallery contains 1 photo.

with some delay but I’m finished my  day 10 painting 🙂 Quarter horse 12×12 inches  on stretched canvas

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Day 8 (Schnauzer)

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Day 8 and here doggie comes.. this is my own the best and the most loved pup Dinamunde Only Orlanda posing for me in stubble field few weeks ago. what I must say as I didn’t practice dogs, I say … Continue reading

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Day 7 (updated)

This gallery contains 2 photos.

12×16 inches “chestnut summer” today’s work is done, I love it.  and need to update picture  tomorrow, as need to  do it in daylight tho 🙂 morning sometimes give us fresh  view on things..  didn’t like eye, and got  few … Continue reading

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Day 6

This gallery contains 1 photo.

so here is  day 6  of my  personal challenge. quick monochrome painting, spent around one hour doing  this. 8×8 inches on canvas panel. PRE Andalusian

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Day 5

This gallery contains 1 photo.

what to say today? I just did it 🙂 quick  few hour painting of warmblood foal 9.5 x 12  inches on  canvas  panel

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Day 4

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Another monochrome study of  light. Another  quick  job done. “Blue Sunset” I can imagine this  horse looking back to  gallops in some cool evening.. 14×10 inches  acrylic on canvas panel  

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Day 3

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Black and  white day three 🙂 It’s been a long time since I did something black and  white, except photography  of course. once again it  made me miss pencil drawings in college 🙂 definitely  must do more monochrome paintings soon, … Continue reading

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Day 2

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Painting number two is here for my  challenge of 100. Very special character warmblood horse Vinald,  he now lives  in Bavaria (Germany). This  piece I did in few hours, even if it’s small I managed to do  good amount of … Continue reading

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Day 1

This gallery contains 1 photo.

it’s probably time to begin this   marathon! I can’t promise  it will be one day  for one painting, but I will really do my best! This tiny  portrait now is ready to see daylight. Reference picture was sitting  very long … Continue reading

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100 paintings in 100 days

I’ve got a plan!
I miss painting already and my next target beside commissioned work will be challenge for myself and fun for everyone.
I would like to start my 100 paintings in 100 days, where you my dear fans will help me to pick up reference photos. I will be happy if you send me photos with your horses and dogs and every day I paint I will pick up one, but at the end of this challenge we will make kind of lottery and someone will win one of 100 paintings. what you think lads?
I’m going to start  in September, so start thinking about pictures to send and I’m off to do  some shopping to get paints canvas and  paper  🙂
email to

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