amazing world

this world is  unique and  nature proves it  every single day..  if we want to see the beauty it’s just here in front of your eyes!

few days ago  we witnessed Northern Lights,, I missed them I  was dreaming my  coloured  dreams (people say only schizophrenic people are seeing  dreams  in colour haha, I don’t mind it lol)

today was   solar eclipse,  last time it happened  I remember all the world was armed with  CD’s on their eyes to protect  vision,  now I thought I’d be just happy  if I see some snaps around internet, but finally  got sucked in and took a camera even if I was late to see total eclipse and it was quite cloudy here in Ireland. anyways, my  Solar Eclispe pictures look like this 🙂
IMG_5610 copy IMG_5629 copy
for more, click on link below:

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