Christmas Commissions!

Time is  flying  and  Christmas time is  sooner than it  seems to be  and  my planner says that I am almost fully booked out for this years commissions. I will accept new commissions only til the end of this week Sept 15th (paid deposit is confirmation of booking, photos can be sorted later, as I’m working on other paintings now)

those who already discussed with me  their Xmas commissions I count in so don’t panic, but hurry up!

don’t worry  if you are late, I am sure someone who you want to get painting done for will be  more than happy to get their X-mass present a bit later 😉

PS. each painting takes me different amount of hours to finish, so it means my planning is approximate. it means that if you book in, there is chance your painting will be done earlier 😉
please have a look on more info how to make commission for  prices, sizes  and sample work

day 074a

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