2014 summary

This was a very busy and  very special year, things  only happened few month ago  feels like happened ages ago but it still was  2014….
I am finishing this  year with conclusion  that  I can only rely on my own intuition, on what heart  is telling me… Unfortunately sometimes I did risk and didn’t care about what sixth sense is telling me..  though lesson, but gone with past..
This year has shown  who are my friends and those who  don’t care… I have learned enormous amount of things about myself and people around ..

I must say a massive THANK YOU to all my  customers! without  you Ironia-Art  would never exist! <3

I am thankful to people who cheered me up and  kept my faith  in  good when I was in trouble  and things went  completely wrong! Thank you  for being with me, friends! thanks to those who made my dreams come true! I don’t need to name, you know yourself! <3

I have started  2014  with looking at  priorities and finishing  with the feeling I did something right! some of you have noticed I didn’t paint as much as in previous  year because I  put my  family in  first place of the priority list.
Being workaholic is not easy  🙂  here’s the joy of  doing something  you love.. I don’t feel  where my  hobby ends and where my  job starts so my family got to suffer a bit 🙂  still working on it !

What else I was up this year?  seen another bit of world, met  fantastic people, heard  inspiring things,  did  crazy things and the most important I spent this year with  HORSES  🙂

I have   HUGE pile of  ToDo things for  2015 and only with your support I can make it!


Love you all!

Zafiro / Cortijo Desgarrahatos
Zafiro / Cortijo Desgarrahatos
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